The Rossini Festival is one of the region’s largest and most beloved special event. It serves as a celebration of the performing arts.

“The performing arts are much too diverse to promote as one culture. The Italian flair we’ve enjoyed for the first 10 years is being enhanced by German, Hispanic, Asian, French and American foods and beverages as we expand the event”, says Knoxville Opera Marketing and Public Relations Director Michael Torano. “We welcome Cellular Sales as a new sponsor for this 11th Annual Rossini Festival. They will be exhibiting at Market Street and Union Avenue.”

For 10 years, the Rossini Festival was primarily modeled as an Italian Street Fair. The Knoxville Opera Rossini Festival International Street Fair introduces the color and excitement of opera to attendees, many of who are experiencing opera for the first time. This is the only Rossini Festival in the U.S. and one of only two in the world, the other of which takes place in Rossini’s birthplace of Pesaro, Italy. Knoxville’s event is a celebration of the performing, visual and culinary arts with an emphasis on opera and International culture featuring a full day of live entertainment with over 800 entertainers, and a multitude of artisans showcasing superior traditions of the Southeast’s finest craftsmanship and a family-friendly KidsZone of engaging activities on Market Square.

“We have a surprise for Knoxville this year. Through a strategic partnership, Chez Liberty and Constellation Brands present The Wine Experience at Knoxville Opera’s Rossini Festival and International Street Fair. All along Gay Street, attendees will enjoy offerings from Knoxville’s most extensive wine list at Chez Liberty”, continues Torano. “In the Chez Liberty/Constellation Brands Wine Experience tent in the Krutch Park Extension across from the main stage, patrons will be able to choose from an extensive array of timed wine tastings throughout the day including appearances by Michael Leidel of Riedel Stemware, Napa Cabs, Oregon Pinot Noirs, Bloody Marys, Varietals, French Champagnes, Bracket rums and gins among others.”
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