Fluffy, frivolous and fun, this classic is the very definition of what operetta should be.

Knoxville Opera’s production of Strauss’s intoxicating operetta stars Russian soprano, Julia Lima. Die Fledermaus, or The Bat, is a classic operetta. Which raises the perennial question: How does operetta differ from opera? Some would say the difference is that in operetta, you stand on the furniture, which is guaranteed to occur in this production. Operetta could also be described as something like a halfway house between opera and musical theater. Unlike most opera, Fledermaushas spoken dialogue. This ads a general lightness to the theatrical approach. The Strauss operetta is a tuneful high-society comedy which premiered in 1874. The bat of the title is a reference to a costume once worn to a party by Eisenstein, one of many turns in the hilarious storyline.

Fledermaus is known for its effervescent music, not its dramatic logic but rest assured that you’ll have a great time laughing in between the catchy tunes and zany plot. This operetta is fun, the cast and crew are fun.

They work long hours in rehearsals and cut up a bit in their off-time and have even more fun. Just check our Facebook“behind-the-scenes” photos for a peek of this motley crew of professionals enjoying their craft. You’ll see masks, funny faces and a few more masks. In fact, we encourage the audience to wear their favorite mask to the performances to feel more in tune with the storyline. There are still some good seats for this weekend’s performances and if you call our box office today through Wednesday and say “MASK”, I’ll give you 15% off of sections P, A, B. You can also click here 24/7 http://ow.ly/egdFO.

Don’t wait, do it now. We’ll see you at the Opera!


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