February presents two potential dilemmas:
1. The winter blues are in full force.
2. What should I/we do for Valentine’s Day?

Knoxville Opera has a great solution for both, with two performances of Bizet’s Carmen on Friday, February 13 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, February 15 at 2:30 p.m. at the city’s hallmark Tennessee Theatre. For the singleton, this is a wonderful alternative to staying in for a date with Ben & Jerry on cupid weekend. For couples, it solves the annual pressure of creating the perfect, romantic date. And for everyone, it offers cozy, passion-fired entertainment that will stave off the wintery blues.

Maestro Brian Salesky hosts a special opera preview session 45 minutes prior to each performance to unpack the plot and set the stage for an enjoyable experience. The preview is open to the public.

Carmen, famous for its Spanish-inspired, fiery plot, features familiar melodies like “La Habanera.” Set in Seville, Spain, Carmen opens in a town square with a peasant girl’s innocent inquiry as to the whereabouts of her beau, Jose. It is not long before Carmen, a captivating gypsy, steals the spotlight. Through a series of events, Carmen employs her flirtatious skills to disrupt the lives of those around her. She is an empowered woman who refuses to be tamed, with an inward fear of settling down. Carmen’s manipulative beauty and misuse of it draw only superficial, temporary attention; yet her inability to open her heart becomes a wakeup call for those she has hurt. The opera’s final scene is one of redemptive irony.

The lovely Audrey Babcock plays the role of Carmen, accompanied by an all-star cast. A synopsis of Carmen, along with the cast bios, can be viewed here. Ticket prices begin at $18 and can be purchased here or by visiting KnoxvilleOpera.com. Call 865-524-0795 x28 for more information.

Your Valentine’s Day weekend will be one to remember, as you chase winter’s blues away and heat things up with Carmen!

  1. February 18, 2015

    I hope the Valentine’s Day weekend was successful for the Knoxville Opera. I’m sure many couples took advantage of the “date night” idea. I am definitely a fan of “Carmen”!

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