About Knoxville Opera

Didn’t you know Knoxville had an opera company?

We’ve provided cultural enrichment to East Tennessee since 1978 and every year keeps getting better! This season we are bringing you Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore, Bizet’s Carmen, and Verdi’s Il Trovatore.

For an unforgettable experience, there’s nothing like opera. It’s the ultimate culmination of the best of all of the arts. Experience the drama and comedy of theatre, the beauty of visual art, the impressive sound of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and the absolute magnificence of the human voice! Opera is for everyone – it reflects timeless and universal human conflicts, humor and passions. There’s justnothing like it!

Destroy Your Assumptions – Most people have preconceived notions about what an operatic experience entails. Does any of this sound familiar?

“Opera is only for rich people.”
– Tickets to Knoxville Opera performances start at just $13. Yes, premiere seats at the front of the house may cost you a week’s worth of groceries. But if you’re willing to sacrifice your fantastic view of the performers’ feet, cost-effective seats (especially for students) are available.

“Opera puts you to sleep.”
– Are you bored by murder, betrayal, lust, extravagance, the supernatural or madness? It’s really exciting and a matter of choosing the right operas that won’t have you nodding off and drooling all of those velvet seats. Besides, the Tennessee Theatre has a full bar!

“Opera is a dead art form, so why go?”
– The fastest-growing opera audience in the U.S. now is people in their 20s and 30s and today’s composers are experimenting with opera to find new ways of keeping the art form alive.

Mission Statement

To provide the residents of East Tennessee with the high quality locally produced opera.

To contribute to the future of the operatic art form by educating the community about opera and its role in our culture and presenting new works when possible.

To expand audiences for opera in the region.

To encourage the development of operatic talent in this community, and foster its exposure to the greater opera audience.

Board of Directors

Dr. Michelle Brewer

Immediate Past-Chair
Daniel F. McGehee

Jerrold L. Becker, Esq.

KO Guild President
L. Caesar Stair, III

Jenny Freeman

Treasurer/Finance Chair
Mark Brumbelow

Rossini Festival Committee Chair
Jan Brown

Development Committee Chair
Maharaj (Raj) Sood

Marketing and Public Relations Committee Chair
Paul Kedrow

Advocacy Committee Chair
Thomas Midyett

Directors Committee Chair
Jerrold L. Becker, Esq.

Education/Outreach Committee Chair
Walter Mencer

Artistic Committee Chair
Andrew Wentzel

Peter Acly
Kari Alldredge
Candy Arrington
Shirley Avery, MD
Stephen Backiel (Steve)
Jerrold L. Becker, Esq.
Dr. Myrwood (Woody) C. Besozzi
Dr. Michelle Brewer
Jan E. Brown
Mark Brumbelow
Kristi Burkhalter
Betsey Bush
Brooks Clark
Dr. G. Mark Cramolini
Franco D’Aprile
Laura Ellen Davis
Allison Easterday
Jenny Freeman
Dr. James E. Gorney
Richard M. Grover
Kimberly Henry
Mark Hill
Anna Fox Hinds
Felicia Harris Hoehne
Nadim Jubran
Paul Kedrow
Sharon Lord
Sheena McCall
Melissa McCoy
Daniel F. Mcgehee
Eden McNabb
Jeanie Turner Melton
Walter Mencer, Jr.
Thomas Midyett
Michael A. Rodgers
Colleen Ryan
Judy Schiffer
Maharaj (Raj) Sood
L. Caesar Stair III
Sandra Trout
Lori Tucker
Sheila Watson
Andrew Wentzel
Taylor Williams, Board General Counsel
Jackie Wilson
Anthony Wise
Taylor Wortham


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