Experience the Magic of Performance and Conversation

Each season, Knoxville Opera’s African-American guest artists present in our African-American Voices Series.  Some presentations occur in public schools while others are open to the general public or civic organizations in various venues throughout Knoxville.  Each presentation includes a performance by the artist(s) and an interview segment during which the artist shares about his/her personal education, the challenges and advantages to doing well in school, and the personal investment of time, sacrifice, and commitment required to excel in a given endeavor (e.g. a career as an opera singer).  This interview is followed by an open conversation between the artist and audience members.

If you would like to host a presentation for your group or in your venue, please email hello@knoxvilleopera.com or call 865-524-0795 x251.

Brittany Robinson, soprano
Turandot in Educ. Production
Available January 11

Othalie Graham, soprano
Turandot in Civic Aud. Production
Available February 5 & 15

Michelle Johnson, soprano
Aida in Civic Auditorium Prod.
Available April 18 & 23

Kevin Thompson, bass
Ramfis in Aida production
Available April 19 & 23

African-American Voices Series

Students experience 30-50 minute personal encounters with leading African-American artists who perform and discuss their family and education, the challenges and advantages of a college education, and the commitment, sacrifice, and investment of time that is required to succeed in life.