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Main Office Telephone: (865) 524-0795

Brian Salesky, Executive Director and Conductor  (ext. 231)
Michael J. Torano, Director of Marketing/PR and Corporate Partnerships (ext. 281)
Marie Butler, Finance and Ticketing Manager (ext. 241)
Don Townsend, Production Manager and Chorus Master (ext. 261)
Arielle Basile, Executive Assistant (ext. 251)

Knoxville Opera Board of Directors – 2016/2017

Jerrold L. Becker, Esq

Immediate Past-Chair
Dr. Michelle Brewer

Dr. G. Mark Cramolini

Knoxville Opera Guild President
Eden McNabb Bishop

Jenny Freeman

Treasurer/Finance Chair
Heather L. Martin

Rossini Festival Committee Chair
Amy Edge

Development Committee Chair
Dr. G. Mark Cramolini

Marketing and Public Relations Committee Chair
Paul Kedrow

Directors Committee Chair
Dr. G. Mark Cramolini

Education/Outreach Committee Chair
Walter Mencer

Artistic Committee Chair
Andrew Wentzel

Peter Acly
Kari Alldredge
Monique Anderson
Dr. Carlos Angel
Stephen Backiel
Whitfield Bailey
Barbara Barr
Jerrold L. Becker, Esq.
Dr. Myrwood (Woody) C. Besozzi
Eden McNabb Bishop
Dr. Michelle Brewer
Jan E. Brown
Betsey Bush
Kristi Burkhalter
Dr. G. Mark Cramolini
Grant Currin
Amy Edge
Dawn Michelle Foster
Jenny Freeman
Dr. James E. Gorney
Richard M. Grover
Jacque Hawks
Dr. Jan Henley, DDS
Kimberly Henry
Mark Hill
Anna Fox Hinds
Chuck James
Dr. La Vinia Delois Jennings, Ph.D.
Paul Kedrow
Dr. Sharon Lord
Heather L. Martin
Jeanie Turner Melton
Walter Mencer, Jr.
Charles Naftalin
Karen Nidiffer
Dr. Ronald L. Rimer
Michael A. Rodgers
Dr. Evelyn Sevilla
Maharaj (Raj) Sood
Lori Tucker
Shelia Watson
Andrew Wentzel
Taylor Williams, Board General Counsel
Anthony Wise